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Chapel Sound System Chapel Sound System

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Chapel Sound System

Posted on Sun, Jun 17, 2012

All set to go

Hi all,

The sound system in the chapel is set to go. The microphones are plugged in and the levels have been set. There is only one microphone on the podium because one sounds better than two. Lean in to get the best performance at the podium. The mics at the podium and the piano must be turned on (switch on the mic) to work. 

The inside speakers have been tested and the levels set. The outside speakers have been tested and levels set. The stage monitor speakers have been tested and levels set. 

All one needs to do to use the sound system is to turn on the power-strip on the rear wall by the sound board. Use the MAIN volume knob to adjust levels depending on how many people are in the gallery.

The wireless mic has been tested and the levels set. It is in the box on the shelf above the sound board. It has a brand new battery in it. Please return it to the box for safe storage after use.

The CD player has been tested and the levels are set. It is still located on top of the table where the sound board is.

I put the microphone for the pavilion PA in the box with the machine. 

Have a great summer!


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