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3rd WiFi antenna being added 3rd WiFi antenna being added

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3rd WiFi antenna being added

Posted on Wed, May 23, 2012

Need a volunteer to host


We're adding a 3rd WiFi antenna this year, this time to the south grounds. We need a volunteer to host the device at their cottage. The exact placement has to be determined through trial-and-error by temorarilly placing the antenna in various locations along the south road and testing signal strength. Once we determine the optimal location we would like this to be a permanent placement. 

The host will need to agree to:

  • have the antenna mounted on the exterior of thier cottage
  • have a cable running from the antenna to a power device inside their cottage
  • provide power to the device on an ongoing basis so that the antenna is continuously powered

If you're willing to host the device please contact me and we'll see if your cottage is in the best location for the signal. The best location means that it can pick up the signal from the lounge and re-distribute the signal to the rest of the south grounds.

Thanks for your consideration.


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