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    The basic responsibilities of the committee are:

    1. Monitor the health and safety of the trees on the campground and take primary responsibility for the trimming or removal of trees, whether by volunteer or professional labor.

    2. Consider requests by members to remove or plant trees on the campground.

    3. Manage and restore the riverbank (between the campground and the railroad tracks).

    4. Manage the riverfront (beach).

    5. Serve as primary liaison between the CBA and the State of Connecticut and the Valley Railroad in respect to the riverbank and the riverfront and other environmental regulatory matters.

    6. Advise the CBA about environmental matters pertaining to the campground.


    Steve Gephard, chair; Mary Watkins, Barbara Poglitsch, Kevin Riley.


    September 2010- Firewood cutting season is upon us.  There is a lot of partially cut wood along the frontage of Camp Bethel Road due to the recent trimming by the power company.  Members should feel free to cut and use this wood for firewood.  If we don't, unauthorized non-members are sure to grab it.  For this wood that is already cut, no special permission is needed from the Environmental Committee.  However, some members have already begun to cut this wood.  Recommended protocols: (1) cut up only as much wood as you can haul away in the same day; if you leave cut firewood on the road over night, it is likely to walk away. (2) if you cut wood inside the campground or if you cut wood on the road front and then move it inside the campground for temporary storage prior to taking it home, put your name on the wood in some prominent manner; Notes on waterproof paper or initials carved into the side of a top chunk of wood with a chainsaw are recommended. (3) if you find a pile of cut and/or stacked wood, it is safe to assume that it belongs to someone else; look for a note or initials.  If in doubt, ask around before taking it.  There is other wood down on the ground around the RV area and elsewhere that can be cut up and taken.  If you cannot find some, ask Steve.  There are big rounds of wood out along the edge of the ballfield but beware-- some of it is pine and that shouldn't be burned inside due to its creosote content.  There are some standing trees that can be cut for firewood but no standing trees should be cut without first getting permission from the committee.

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