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Camp Meeting Program 2017 Camp Meeting Program 2017


Camp Meeting August 4-13, 2017

"Walking Together in Community" 

“On each side of the river stood the tree of life…and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelations 22:2)

Camp Meeting 2017 will be August 4 through August 13:  Please come join us, whether as a visitor, CBA member, seeker, or traveler on the way!  All are welcome to this special place of diverse Christian faith backgrounds.

Topics of discussion will include: • Characteristics of healthy community • Relationship growth and enrichment • The art of dialogue • In Celebrating diversity of giftedness In “Contemporary Christianity”, we will be reaching out to professionals who are knowledgeable on these and other issues. Dr. Jonathan Malone will lead us in “Nurturing a Diverse Community”, and sociologist Debra Welkley will help us “Unpack Our Invisible Knapsacks.”

Vespers will be meaningful and moving, as our brothers and sisters will share their stories of God’s faithfulness.

As with past years, morning yoga and other yoga opportunties throughout the week will be offered.

We also are adding a “hands-on” project this year: a team of volunteers will be travelling to Middletown on Wednesday to work with Gilead Community Services, an agency that has been serving individuals and families living with mental health needs since 1968.

And Bible Study each weekday morning will contintue to be a vital part of our Program, along with nightly worship and events.

The first Saturday night concert will feature the St. Luke's Steel Band from New Haven.  This Christian group will present a variety of music genres with a Caribbean flair.  You can hear some of their selections on their web site:

On the first Sunday, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Malone from the First Baptist Church of East Greenwich, RI, will speak in the morning service on "Nurturing a Diverse Community" and in the evening service will visit ways in which we can build inter-generational harmony in worship.

Tuesday evening's speaker will be Rev. Brian Evelich, Missionary State Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Connecticut.

More events for the week will be posted as the schedule of speakers and events upfolds over the next weeks ...

A full PDF copy of the 2017 Camp Program can be downloaded here when available.

A PDF of the meal pricing for the 2017 Camp Meeting can be downloaded here.